Euris contains in the name own destiny, the meaning of its corporate «mission».
On the one hand, indeed,
«Euris», in ancient greek, means «find, devise» and expresses in the most complete manner our daily work to search for new ideas and new opportunities, for your business or for your territory.
On the other hand, the same acronym of
«European Researches & Investments Services», references to the big project of European integration that almost 60 years ensures peace and prosperity to the European people.
In summary:
Euris is a company that is established on the ability to translate the policies, the legislation and the programs of European Union in opportunities for growth and development.
Because Europe is not the problem, but the possible solution.


Euris is on the market since 1989, year of its foundation: 25 years of history, experiences and competences acquired on the field, at the service of business’ growth and territorial and local development, in the framework of the Euro25 Anni di Storiapean Union strategies and policies.
Created thanks to the innovative idea of a young group of graduates and the initial investment of a successful entrepreneur in the north-east of Italy, after a first initial phase in the field of soft financing,
the members of Euris realized that the creation of a single European market and the birth of the European Union, in 1993, would have radically changed the rules of the market and multiplied the opportunities for growth not only for business, but also for the territories and local communities, called to confront new challenges of globalization.
since 1993, Euris assumed its present denomination; it has changed the corporate structure, where the shareholders are the Euris staff; it has begun developing innovative services business advice for the participation to European policies and programs, also with the support of its offices in Brussel.
A few years later, Euris has expanded the range of services: selected by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to provide technical assistance to the promoters of territorial pacts and area contracts, since then has developed significant expertise in the field of regional and local development.
Euris has gradually added, beyond the local dimension of territorial development, the transnational cooperation,
extending its consulting service with the advice and assistance in the development and elaboration of wide projects in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation.
Finally, in recent years, combining the expertise acquired in the field of business and territorial development, Euris holds
prestigious assignments for the creation and implementation of clusters and technological districts.