People making business know that «enterprising» means asking him/herself, every day, such a question: «Where do we go?».
Each company reaching its maturity finds itself in front of a turning point: changing or waiting for a slow, but inexorable, decline.
Euris has chosen to renew itself, to set new goals and to engage new challenges.
In the globalization era, in a context of increasing competition, which are the new sources of competitiveness for a company ?

2014_2020⇒  INNOVATION : is what makes competitive a company or a territory, in the new knowledge economy: for Euris innovate means incorporate in the offered services new and more knowledge ever, to offer to our customers;

⇒  GREEN ECONOMY: promote a new industrial devolution, based on green energy, on clean transports, new production methods, new materials and smart communication system is one of the most important goals for Europe. For Euris this means developing new services for businesses and for the territories, that combine competitiveness and sustainability. Euris founded a prestigious partner with which create new services: ENEA – Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development, with whom created a highly specialized spin-off: «Ecoinnovazione Srl»;

⇒  SMART CITIES AND COMUNITIES : to benefit from the globalization opportunities, by stimulating the territories to become «local innovative ecosystem», capable to attract talents and new investments, and to become more open to the outside through the development of territorial cooperation projects at European level.