Large environmental, social and economic challenges characterizing the present require that all businesses make concrete efforts to include, in their business model, an integrated approach to sustainable development, to be applied in all business choices and strategies.

EURIS actually believes in a corporate vision which optimizing its services can minimize the environmental impact and improve the performances.

For this reason we have started an internal company management protocol to monitor our impacts and initiate actions and good practices for continuous improvement for our environmental performances. We focused on the operations managed directly by our company in order to increase the efficiency of our offices through careful management of energy, waste and water consumption. We chose to involve suppliers in our environmental policy, requiring, where possible, the respect of ecological criteria in the supply of goods and services.

These are just the first steps of a long-term business strategy, that we intend to continue and further implement.

For further information on our environmental commitment, read our statement of enviromental commitment.