Every place in Europe, and in Italy in particular, has an identity that differentiates it from other areas and which has significant potential and resources that are often hidden and / or not yet exploited: the European Union is dedicating specific programs to the different types of territories (rural, urban, mountainous, coastal), in order to foster their full potential, through direct involvement of local communities.

In addition, several European policies have a strong impact on the development of your territory and can play a great role in dealing with the economic, environmental, climatic, demographic and social challenges, with which we cope daily and, ultimately, to ensure the future well-being and prosperity in your local community.

Euris accompanies you in the construction of a local economic development project, which addresses the multiple dimensions that make up your local community: as social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects.

Hence, we do not offer you a simple service but a project, based on an integrated approach that combines the sustainable refurbishment of buildings and infrastructure, along with initiatives aimed to promote education, economic development, social inclusion and environmental protection.

A local economic development project shared by those living and working in your territory and, above all, achievable with the financial resources of the numerous EU programmes.

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