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Innovative approaches to turn agricultural waste into ecological and economic assets


This project aims to enable “agricultural wastes, by-products and co-products”, called “agro-wastes, to be fully integrated as true resource and therefore revoked as waste. The concept of the project consists in involving all agriculture chain actors at the territory level in order to:

  • Develop innovative eco-design and assessment tools of circular agro-waste management strategies and address related gap of dialogue, knowledge and data,
  • Improve agro-waste resources use efficiency by upgrading the most widespread mature technology (i.e. anaerobic digestion, AD) and by eco-designing innovative bio-processes and products,
  • Ensure and accelerate the development of new business concepts and stakeholders platform for cross-chain valorisation of agro-waste on a territorial and seasonal basis




Institut national de la recherche agronomique, InnovEn SRL, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut, Università Degli Studi di Roma la Sapienza, Schiesslhof GbR, Alma Mater- Università di Bologna, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Institut za arhitekturu i urbanizam Srbije, B2B-BIOPHYTECH, Campden BRI Magyarorszag Nonprofit Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag, Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V., Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin, National Technical University of Athens, Université de Montpellier, Grap’Sud Société Coopérative Agricole, IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH, Aalborg Universitet ,

SOFIES SA, Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek, Confederazione Generale Dell’Agricoltura Italiana, Ecozept Gbr, AGRIPORT A7 B.V, Industrial technology Research Institute Incorporated, City University of Hong-Kong, Sun Yat-Sen University, Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, INRA Transfert S.A., Vinarija Aleksandrović, VERMICON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, Aps, Ningbo Tianan Biologic Material Co. Ltd.




Confederazione Generale Dell’Agricoltura Italiana


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